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Business and Technical Guidelines and Criteria for Prospective Content Reserve Suppliers

Digital Products offered for resale must be eBooks, electronic documents, magazines, articles, audiobook, music, or video products commercially packaged in the file formats for which OverDrive provides Digital Rights Management.

All content must be commercially priced with Suggested Retail Prices (SRPs) reflecting a minimum price set at a $1 U.S. equivalent. Suggested Retail Pricing should reflect competitive industry prices for equivalent content value. SRP and wholesale discount pricing will need to be considered and acceptable to Content Reserve.  The average non-returnable wholesale discount for trade material is 55% and the minimum is 50%.

Content Reserve Digital Products are targeted to public and corporate libraries in addition to online retailers and thus we restrict vanity publications such as personal journals, private newsletters or white papers and documents with limited commercial appeal and interest.

Content Reserve prohibits and limits the supply of public domain titles as these rarely have commercial value and are often available as free, unprotected downloads.  Content Reserve does welcome valuable classic literature (professionally edited, translated, and packaged as commercial products).

Products should not contain advertisements, commercials, or hyperlinks within the file or metadata that direct consumers to a commercial website which competes with the Content Reserve retail outlets merchandising the file. Content Reserve reserves the right to delete titles and/or portions of title metadata that do not comply with this guideline.

The geographic territorial rights of products need to apply to 1 or more of our retail and library outlets. If the territorial rights are exclusive to an area of the globe where we have no clients, the content may be evaluated at a later time.

Required supporting metadata for all content must be rich enough for a publication to virtually "sell itself".  Retail and library buyers and end-users selecting from the inventory should not have to speculate about the subject category, author's credentials, basic text, etc. of the product.  Along with sample files, prospective publishers' metadata will be evaluated and critiqued.

The entry of double-byte characters to the system is prohibited. To clarify, Content Reserve does not support the entry or display of languages that require double-byte characters (i.e., Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic, etc.).  All metadata will need to be in English or a supported language.

Content Reserve takes advantage of many advanced browser features for adding and managing data using forms.  To utilize these advanced features, users are required to use Version 5.5 or higher of Internet Explorer on a Windows PC or a Macintosh running Virtual PC.  Content Reserve does not support older versions of Internet Explorer.

You may enter one and only one record for each of your titles. If additional formats of an existing title become available, the format-specific information must be entered to the existing record. If multiple records exist for a given title, Content Reserve reserves the right to merge the duplicate records. Be advised that fees may be incurred for the merging of duplicate records.

Content Reserve represents to suppliers the ability to distribute to a global community of retail and library markets.  Content Reserve does not allow for fulfillment to exclusive channels. We assume the right to resell digital products to all viable clients who wish to purchase them from the network.


For additional assistance with Content Reserve, please email Content Reserve support at support@contentreserve.com.

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